SRK Wiping Deepika’s Tears After She Broke Down In A Show Is Why They Call Him A Gentleman

I feel like I keep saying this but SHAH RUKH KHAN is the best thing to have happened to Bollywood and its fans. I’m sorry if you were expecting more but what do I say about the man that I haven’t already?

But if you insist, by all, I mean the actor par excellence, the experimental producer, the silver jubilee superstar and the list goes on. But my favourite of all is his larger-than-life persona that makes him what he is today, ‘King Khan’.

While there are umpteen examples where I can prove the afore-mentioned, let me tell you there is an addition and it’s going to melt your heart into a puddle.

Remember when we told you about the time when actor Ranveer Singh sang for his boo and actress, Deepika Padukone? 


Yes, the same one where he confessed his love for DP on national television.

And ICYMI, it was from the time Deepika graced the premiere of the show ‘Baatein with Baadshah’ hosted by none other than SRK. But fortunately for us, the PDA wasn’t the sole note-worthy moment from the show.

It turns out, Shah Rukh also read heartfelt letters written by close friends and family and it was soon time for Deepika’s mother, Ujjala Padukone’s message. 


And needless to say, Deepika was left in tears by the time SRK finished and it was the most endearing moment of the show…


The emotional letter was by a proud mother who has seen and is seeing her daughter drive her own destiny, against odds, with utmost modesty.

Pains to see her cry, right? Don’t worry because Shah Rukh got us covered.

That’s right. Being the gentleman he is, SRK rushed to wipe tears and console Deepika and I have changed my mind about the most endearing moment of the show!


If you don’t believe me, watch the entire episode here.

I want to say, ‘I told ya’ but I’ll instead go with- you have a golden heart, Shah Rukh and you’ve made us fall in love with you. AGAIN!