Someone Dug SRK’s Tweets From 2010 Where He’s Trying To Teach His Kids Grammar & It’s Pure AF

Shahrukh Khan is a lot of things. He is the Badshah of Bollywood, the King of Romance, an avid reader, a smooth talker, a brilliant orator, a philanthropist and a 24X7 charmer. However, something he is not is a patient grammar teacher. And these tweets from his past are proof!

Someone online dug up old tweets posted by SRK in 2010 where he desperately seeks help to teach his kids grammar. He asked people online for help on how to teach ‘phrases and clauses’ and had no idea what a predicate is.

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Here’s a look at the blast from the past:

The way SRK calls grammar a “British ploy to confound Indians” and revolted against it!

Finally, he settled on being an actor than a poet who knows phrases and clauses – which now seem to be his arch enemy!

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To be honest, calling this “wholesome” would be an understatement.

People online absolutely loved the man’s humour! Here’s what some of them said:

Just when you thought you couldn’t love this man enough… 😛

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