If You Correctly Match SRK’s Looks With His Films In This Quiz Toh Baazigar Ho Tum!


If Shah Rukh Khan is in the movie, it is safe to say that he’ll steal every scene. His various versatile performances over the years prove he’s a lot more than the ‘King of Romance’. But do you have too much SRK in your blood just like I do? Let’s take this quiz featuring his most iconic looks from his movies and find out!

1. SRK won a Filmfare for 'Best Villian' for this movie.

2. SRK played a prince in this one.

3. Remember SRK's iconic bike stunt from this film?

4. SRK's quest to meet the US president.

5. "Iss team ka gunda main hoon!"

6. "Apun bola, tu meri Laila"

7. SRK had an interesting transformation in this one.

8. He played a major in the Indian Army in this romantic flick.

9. Bleached, dyed, and blue-eyed!

10. Lots of blood in this romantic psychological thriller!

Image Source: YouTube

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