SRK Pulling Kareena’s Leg In This Old KBC Video Is All Of Us Talking To ‘Show Off’ Friends

No one needs telling that there’s only one Khan in B-Town who can sweep you off your feet with his words laced with love, can make you feel things that your feeble heart didn’t know existed and above all, make you laugh like a child – sometimes through his kind, funny gestures and mostly because he knows the magic of words better than anyone else.

While I love to browse through old SRK videos to remind myself of the gem that he is, I stumbled upon this really quirky video of him hosting KBC. And it’s special because it has PC and Kareena as his special guests. An explosive combo, right?

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As you would expect, this KBC episode of 2007 was pretty explosive too. The question that Kareena and Priyanka were answering in this particular clip is about the Statue of Liberty, New York.


Now, Priyanka was pretty sure that Lady Liberty holds the book in one hand and torch in the other, and so was Kareena. Her argument of proof was THIS –


SRK couldn’t resist. He pulled Kareena’s leg and everyone in the audience enjoyed and clapped while SRK mimicked Kareena in a funny way.

“Arey Kareena tum hi nahi ho duniya me jisne deekha hua hai. zyada show-off mat karo humne bhi deekha hai, yaar.”


And Priyanka…she just sat in her chair, awkwardly…playing with her hair and concentrating hard on the question.


And then, SRK used his weapon of mass destruction – his beautiful smile. The ladies asked him to freeze their response to the question. Remember how SRK used to call it ‘Freeze’.


You can watch the whole video in action here.

It’s alright. You can thank me later.

BTW, SRK, it’s been 10 long years since we last saw you hosting KBC and look, nothing has changed. We love you the same.