Kabir Khan Revealed That He Passed College With SRK’s Notes And Gauri Was His Dance Partner

I don’t want to sound rhetorical but then it’s Shah Rukh Khan so here it goes, SRK reigns over our hearts; not just because his smile can kill, but because he has a HUGE heart! And the internet is full of examples of his chivalry, his modest nature and his unreal charm!

One such example in the books is by master director Kabir Khan. Earlier, Kabir in an Instagram post thanked Shah Rukh Khan for sharing his notes in college! While we were always aware of SRK’s unparalleled genius, this pleasantly surprised us…


In an interview with Pinkvilla, Kabir opened up about his relationship with Shah Rukh Khan and how he helped him through college. Kabir says,

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“SRK is somebody I have known since college days. He had given me his college notes to study. I cleared my masters in film-making with his notes. We were in same school. He was senior to me by 2 years.”


But SRK isn’t the only one Kabir has known personally. The first lady of Bollywood, Gauri Khan also shares a close friendship with Kabir. About Gauri he quipped –

Love this Retro look ..

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“Gauri and I had been dancing partners in a production called Westside Stories. So we go back a long way.”

How amazing it must be to witness the genius of the King Khan so closely. And I am pretty sure, Gauri must be an out of this world dancer.

Now I think, wouldn’t it be a great idea to bring SRK and Gauri on the bring screen together? Kabir Khan, you listening?

Source: Pinkvilla