‘This Too Shall Pass’ Fans Gather Outside Mannat, Put Up Posters In Support Of SRK & Family

In the past couple of days, many Bollywood celebrities have extended their support towards Shahrukh Khan and his family amidst Aryan Khan’s arrest. While some called it a “witch hunt”, others stood beside Aryan.

As we know, Shahrukh Khan has a huge fandom. And SRK fans didn’t hold back from showering their support either. Pictures and videos circulating on Twitter show how several fans arrived outside Mannat holding posters in support of their ‘King’. Messages reading “We are with you” and “This too shall pass” were put up in areas surrounding his residence. Have a look:

It is also being said that fans from different states arrived outside Mannat to stand in solidarity.

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However, in a video that was posted by an Executive Editor of India Today, the posters are seen being removed allegedly by BMC workers.

What are your views on this incident? Tell us.

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