Old Video Of Shah Rukh Surfaces Where He Says: “My Name Could Spoil My Children’s Life”

Aryan Khan has continued to be behind bars after he was unable to get bail following his arrest by the Narcotics Control Bureau on October 3. Since then, celebrities have spoken out and questioned the NCB as to why Aryan is still being held.


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Recently, visuals of Shah Rukh Khan humbly greeting his fans despite being visibly distraught while heading to see his son, surfaced online. Now an earlier interview of the superstar is being shared online. HT reports that in a snippet of the 2008 interview with a German television channel, Shah Rukh spoke of his fame and how he hopes that it wouldn’t impact his kids. 

SRK can be heard saying, “My name could spoil their (his children’s) life and I don’t want that. I would like to be known as their father I would not like them to be known as my children.”


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“My biggest fear for my family in life especially my kids is that I hope they can live out of my shadow. My biggest fear is my fame onto them. I don’t want them to ever fight that and say oh I’m better than my father and I don’t want them to get completely engulfed by it that they don’t need to do anything because they’re my children,” Khan continues.

Jelena Petrovic, a fan of the superstar used the footage in an edited video that also has a clip from Koffee with Karan where SRK can be heard saying, “The decision to have a child is the decision to let a piece of your heart walk outside your body,” and “If a car was speeding towards my children, I’d stand in front of that car and I am sure I will stop it.”

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Khan’s eldest son Aryan, is currently incarcerated at Arthur Road Jail and the HC will hear his bail plea on October 26.

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