SRK Opens Up About Being A Doting Dad To Aryan, Suhana And AbRam In This Candid Interview

There are a lot of stars, who walk with more than just stardom in the film fraternity, but then there are superstars like Shah Rukh Khan who don’t need vanity to vouch for his fandom. After all these years in the movie-making business, SRK has not only earned a place in our hearts as an actor but also as a persona of positive influence.

Now, we have all known and hailed him as the King of Romance/Wit but the Baadshah recently opened up about his children–Aryan, Suhana and the adorable AbRam–and we now know the doting that dad he is!


In a candid interview with DNA, when asked about his equation with his kids, Shah Rukh mentioned he is not nosy at all, in fact, he wonders how Gauri does it at times. 

Shah Rukh
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In fact, SRK believes in the ideology of no interference as far as personal lives and relationships are concerned. He said,

“I think you should not give such advice to anyone. Because every relationship is different, every f***-up is different, every happiness is different. You should just let everyone be.”


SRK, on the account of his comment on KWK about ripping off the lips of any guy who kisses Suhana, was asked how he would react if it were Aryan. And his answer, as usual, was a baller! 

Thanks to Thanksgiving got to spend time with my lil one.

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“I’d rip off Aryan’s lips. I can’t rip off a girl’s lips — that’s not a charming gentlemanly thing to do. (Laughs) So, I will rip off Aryan’s lips, on behalf of the girl’s father.

(Smiles) You can’t touch or harm a girl.”


SRK also spilled a few beans about how he spends his quality time with Aryan and honestly, we are not surprised! 

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 But AbRam, SRK admits, just makes him a kid again. Their bond is truly an exceptional one. 

“AbRam is extremely protective of me. There are times he watches somebody hit me on screen and he thinks it’s for real.

He’s a smart, intelligent kid and extremely fun to be with. And with him, I become a kid myself.”

Now that’s a side we really didn’t know about King Khan! And needless to say, it makes us love him more!


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