Srinagar SSP Gives ₹1 Lakh To Old Man Who Was Robbed Of His Savings, Wins Hearts Online

The brave hearts in uniform have time and again gone beyond their call of duty and helped citizens in the kindest ways possible. After Chennai’s ‘lady Singham’ who carried an unconscious man on her shoulders to safety, this cop from Srinagar has been winning hearts online.

Recently, a video of a 90-year-old man Abdul Rehman went viral wherein the elderly was narrating how he was robbed of his life’s savings by some unidentified goons in the city. The old man who made a living by selling street food on the by lanes of the city was beaten brutally by the robbers in Bohri Kadal who then looted Rs 1 lakh from him.

The viral video then reached Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Srinagar, Sandeep Chaudhary who then paid the elderly Rs 1 lakh from his own pocket with a promise to catch the culprits. “Sometimes it takes time to catch the culprits. I saw his face in the video and decided to help him,” said SSP Sandeep.

“Money is not a big problem even iPhone costs more than a lakh but for him, it was his life savings that were lost.”

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According to reports, Rahman, who lives alone, had saved the money for his last rites by working throughout his life. Fearing he might misplace the money somewhere, Rehman used to carry the cash with him. An investigation is underway.

“He had savings of one lakh sixty thousand rupees which he divided into two and kept one lakh in one pocket and 60 thousand in another pocket. Robbers snatched one lakh rupees from him. Saving such an amount by selling nuts on the roadside is a big thing. I felt bad after knowing this incident,” sympathized Sandeep.

SSP Sandeep’s noble gesture has been lauded online:

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At an age like Rehman’s, it’s next to impossible to save such a huge amount again. Thanks to SSP Sandeep for keeping the old man’s hope alive.

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