People Are Angry With The Way TV Channels Are Sensationalizing Sridevi’s Death


Let’s get the cat out of the bag- Sridevi passed away but it’s the Indian journalism that’s dead. To be very honest, sensationalism on primetime TV is no news for the Indian audiences but the way news channels chose rumour over reportage after the legendary actress passed away is just plain SICK!

Yes, while friends, fans and family are still reeling in pain after her untimely demise, the news coverage of her death only adds insult to injury.

If you’ve somehow, luckily missed the media trials the ‘Breaking’ update on the tragedy is that perhaps Sridevi died of accidental drowning in her own bathtub and not cardiac arrest.

And that was the cue. What followed was a tirade, a circus of gossip-mongers who took turns in posing as forensic experts, doctors, investigators and what not!  Not only did the vulture media gave bizarre conspiracy infused twists to Sridevi’s death but they even went ahead and actually built a chroma-created bathroom to prove their frivolous point!

These are only a few samples of ‘tributes’ to the iconic superstar by channels. 

1. ‘Maut ka bathtub.’


2. Notice the wine glass?


3. I can’t even…


4. Glad someone’s asking the important questions!


5. Cont…


6. The investigations are on!


Needless to say, it has left a lot of people upset and angry.

Recently, actress Renuka Shahane took to Facebook, requesting the media to let her rest in peace. 

Dear News Channels, please allow Srideviji’s soul to rest in peace.
Please allow her family, friends & fans to grieve in peace. Imagine if it was your family member! Would you like a dissection like this about your loved one? Please have a modicum of respect for one who has passed.
There is a thin line between news and salacious gossip. Do not be so disgusting. And all those writing Facebook posts with great concerns about “health” issues and other “cosmetic changes” that could be detrimental for health; would it be possible for you to wait at least for some time before passing judgement and giving unsolicited advice? Discuss it among your family and friends if it is that important to you. Live your lives the way you want to but let others live their lives the way they choose to and for heaven’s sake, let them be in peace after they have passed away.

And she is not the only one.

The entire Internet is up against the wall, condemning and calling out the media channels for their insensitive parade of distorted facts. 

1. WORD.

2. How does one come up with this?

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3. This is the sad state of Indian journalism!

4. *fold hands*

5. You’d think so…

6. Shameful!

7. Is this any way to report a death?

8. ‘Won’t let die either!’

9. Sickening is the word.

10. One wonders…

11. The consesnsus:

12. I saw it coming, TBH!

13. Oh, the irony of it all.

14. Couldn’t agree more!

15. Please?

Everyone is aware of the tactics employed by news channels to ace the TRP race but whatever happened to journalistic ethics?! It’s disappointing, to say the least.

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