Sri Lanka Wore Masks Against Smog During INDvSL. Twitter Can’t Breathe From All The LOLing!

On Sunday, history was made. And no, I’m not talking about Virat Kohli’s yet another indomitable double century against Sri Lanka. For the first time in international cricketing history, play was halted because of pollution and players were sporting masks!

Day 2 of the final IND v SL test match at Delhi’s Feroz Shah Kotla stadium saw constant disruptions and a plea to halt the play by Sri Lankan players who were coughing, panting and finding it unable to breathe. Basically, Captain Virat Kohli’s frustration while declaring the match was echoing every Indian cricket fan’s sentiment!

This bid by Sri Lanka that caused a formidable game by Team India to be declared prematurely did not go down well with Indian cricket fans. And where did they channel this aggression, you ask? Well, Twitter, of course!

Not surprisingly enough, Twitter was flooded with jibes, some gentle, some too harsh, at Sri Lankan captain Dinesh Chandimal and his team members for using their flair for the dramatic to turn the match in their favour.

1. Say this out loud in a single breath!

2. Grey’s Anatomy called. They have a role for ya, Team Sri Lanka!

3. Parde mein rehne do! Parda na uthaao!

4. Tera dhyaan kidhar hai, yeh tera game idhar hai!

5. Dhritarashtra would be proud!

6. Ha!

7. Lagaan 2.0 right here, folks!

8. Can they also dance equally well on Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan?

9. AAP toh kamaal karte hain!

10. Jaaadu!

11. IT is possible that this is a very funny joke(r)!

12. Yeaaaaaah…. No.

13. Kejriwal likes this!

While these jokes may have served their purpose of making us laugh, let’s also take a minute to think of the fact that the smog situation of Delhi has now officially become an international embarrassment.

We cannot be sure if this was a ploy by Sri Lanka to salvage their situation by stopping India from putting more runs on the board. Or whether this was a genuine hazard to their well-being. But we have to give them the benefit of doubt, considering the smog has been a nuisance since a while now.

So can we let skipper Kohli worry about the match stats and focus our attentions a little on the air pollution stats for Delhi, shall we?

Cover Image Courtesy: T-Series