How Well Are You Dealing With The ‘Heat’ Of Everyday Life? Take This Quiz To Find Out More.

Imagine sitting for an online class. It’s an important lesson and your teacher is kinda like Viru Sahastrabudhhe from ‘3 Idiots’. You click on the Google Meet icon on your laptop.

Okay, it’s taking too long. So, you try to open it from your phone.

You realise that while your mom paid the internet guy for a 100 mbps speed, you’re barely getting 5mbs. No problem. You switch off the WiFi on your phone and enable ‘Data’. But you forgot to recharge your ‘Data’ because you thought WiFi se hi toh kaam chal jayega. In the heat of the moment, you throw your phone at your bed but it accidentally falls on the floor. And now, you’re cursing the internet guy and your luck and the entire universe.

You see, you may come across frustrating situations every now and then. Like, when your boyfriend takes an extra slice of pizza, which you thought was your cheat slice; and all you can think is, “I’m gonna punch this guy.” Or when someone inside the metro chipkos to you so damn close you can literally hear them breathe. Or even when your bestfriend dumped movie-night plans with you to go out on a date. In such moments, you can feel your body temperature rising and a scream trying to surpass your throat, isn’t it?


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Sprite’s new video gets this feeling bang on and they’re telling us to ‘Thand Rakh’. Chill. Calm down, and have a Sprite. Because it is the best way to relax when the ‘heat’ of life gets to you and meditation or metal songs aren’t a quick fix anymore.

What do you do when you feel the ‘heat’? Are you someone who is zen-like or does your inner devil get the better of you and you end up doing stupid things? Take the below quiz to find out:






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