Spotify Collaborates With Snapchat To Make The Gateway Of India Groove To Diwali Hits

It’s that time of the year again, folks! Diwali is on most of our minds and everything is tinged with festive cheer. Party invitations have been sent and we’re gearing up for a week of laughter with fam and friends, mithai, and a sprinkle of aarti and puja.

Adding to all things fun and bright this festive season, Spotify has collaborated with Snapchat’s AR Landmarker to bring The Gateway of India to life. The unique immersive experience shows the monument embracing the Diwali spirit with lots of colour and lit moves!

Mumbaikars have already started using the famous Landmarker to breathe ‘life’ into the Gateway of India. The lens enables users to see the monument listening to music 🎧 and getting in the groove.

So, this is how it works. When you’re near the Gateway of India, simply point your Snapchat camera at it and select the Landmarker feature from the carousel as you would normally do for any other lens on Snapchat. And voila! the monument will shake and swerve to infectious numbers. 🎆 (Psst, Landmarker is available between 14 and 23 October).

Here’s a sneak peek:

Since music is integral to any celebration and everything is better with a background score, there are also specially curated Diwali playlists for every mood. Whether you’re spending a quiet, cracker-free Diwali with your pet or hosting a bash for your friends, Spotify has got you covered.

Our favourites are the ‘Diwali Shuffle’ that include peppy numbers like Kar Gayi Chull, Morni Banke and the ‘Diwali Chill’ with slower, more soulful tracks like Kaisi Hai Ye Rut, Kabira etc. ‘Diwali Bash’ and ‘Diwali Bonanza’ are perfect for dancing into the night with friends and family.

So, let Spotify be your DJ and brighten up your Diwali this time! And if you’re in Mumbai this week, do visit the Gateway of India to be a part of this unique experience.