8 Things Every Marvel Fan Will Relate To, Now That Spiderman Homecoming Is Releasing!

I’m not going to start this article by asking if you are a Marvel fan or not, because you might not be. But, there’s no way you have escaped the awesomeness called ‘Spiderman’ in your lifetime. 2002 was the year when Tobey Maguire came and conquered our hearts as our ‘Spiderman’.

So many years have gone by, and we have seen a lot of renditions of the movie. But Spiderman Homecoming is clearly special. With a different storyline than the original Peter Parker, this movie starring Tom Holland has created a lot of anticipation among the fans.

So, here are a few things every true Marvel fan will relate to, now that Spiderman Homecoming is releasing.

1. You are all gussied up to book the right seats in advance

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There’s nothing worse than getting bad seats to watch your favourite movie.


2. You have read up on comics to refresh your memory of the character

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Yes, life has kept you busy and it has been very long since you have touched those beautiful coloured pages. But, you know it’s time to skim through it again.


3. You want to watch the original Spiderman 1, 2 and 3 because Tobey Maguire is bae

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Every Spiderman fan knows this. He will always have a special place in every Spiderman fan’s heart.


4. You have stalked Tom Holland on every social media platform possible!

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He’s the new Spiderman. I HAVE to know everything about him.


5. You read up on The Vulture, because NEW VILLAIN OMG!

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Looks like Michael Keaton is going to do complete justice to the role. Doesn’t it?


6. You have tried explaining yourself that the presence of Robert Downey Jr. is going to be very distracting.

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I mean, why will I look at ANYTHING on the screen then?


7. You have repeatedly told all your friends to NOT MOVE from the theater until the post credit scenes are done!

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Noobs. Huh!


8. You want to capture this legendary memory in the most epic way!


Can there be anything better than OPPO F3 to capture that group selfie with your Marvel squad?

The ever-evolving Camera Phone brand OPPO has established an association with Sony & Marvel on the much-awaited superhero movie, Spider-Man: Home Coming. The brand brought fans an Exclusive Fans Screening in English yesterday in Mumbai. It was the first screening of this movie in India before its official launch on July 7th, 2017.

Along with the release of the movie, OPPO has planned to run an online campaign, starting from July 7th after the release of the movie till July 14th. The consumer may buy an OPPO F3 and upload their selfie on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with hashtags #OPPOxSpiderMan and #OPPOF3, the lucky winners stand a chance to win free tickets to the movie!

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Let’s keep an eye to see what OPPO has in store for its consumers with this partnership.

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