Marvel Fan Asks Spoiler-ific Question, ‘Spider-Man’ Tom Holland Hilariously Dodges It

Tom Holland entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe scene with a bang in ‘Civil War’ and has continued to win hearts with every appearance as Spider-Man/Peter Parker. However, his off-screen secret-keeping abilities hasn’t been at par with his web-slinging skills when it came to spoilers.

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For newbie Spider-Man or Marvel fans, this might come as a surprise. However, those who’ve been following everything about the franchise will know that Holland is notorious for giving away crucial plot-points. And since the web-head can’t be trusted, a spoiler alert is in full effect.

Some of Tom Holland’s initial escapades involved revealing the Avengers poster before its official launch. And while that’s excusable, his next faux pas ended up spoiling ‘Infinity War‘ for a theatre-full of people who hadn’t even seen the movie!

While most of the Marvel fandom, who are stringent about spoilers, thought that Thanos’ snapping would teach him a lesson, Holland proved them wrong by spoiling the title for his next solo venture.

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However, with the release date for both ‘Avengers 4’ and ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ drawing closer, it looks like Tom Holland has learned some restraint as he was faced with a very tempting fan question.

Alright, alright, don’t panic. There’s no Marvel agent sitting on the top floor of a building with a gun pointed at a Tom’s head. It was just a joke to duck out of that question.

Marvel fans were amused to see him not give away any more spoilers. However, others were convinced that he’d be shot if he spills anything.

Marvel is all set to release ‘Captain Marvel‘, ‘Avengers 4’ and ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ over the course of the next year. So, although he’s being well-behaved with this fan, just make sure Tom Holland’s not around you when you go to the theatre. Who knows? He might end up spoiling it for you.

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