Spider Viciously Attacks A Pet Goldfish & Drags It Out Of The Pond As The Owner Looks On

Chasing and hunting is a part and parcel of wildlife. After all, most of the animals survive on each other for food. Accordingly, many a time we also come across the videos of brutal fights between animals like a leopard and a snake or a deer and tiger. But watching a spider attacking a fish is a rare sight.

Jérémy Schalkwijk, a resident of South Africa, noticed a bizarre incident where a spider, which is much smaller in size than a goldfish, attacked it and dragged it out of the pond, reports NY Post.

Jérémy had invited his girlfriend to his place to make her meet his new pet, reports Daily Mail. But he was horrified to see a spider attacking the fish with its fangs. He ran inside to call his girlfriend out to watch the rare incident but both the animals had vanished when they returned back to the pond.

Jérémy had however managed to click a picture of the spider carrying the fish out of the pond. Have a look:

image source

Have you ever come across any such rare incident? Share with us!

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