Are You Spending Enough Time With Your Family? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

Even though every family is different in their own way, the one thing that remains constant across different family dynamics is the love that binds its members together. However, when we grow older, some relationships tend to grow apart. For some, friends become more important. Others move to different cities to pursue a career and hence, tend to lose touch with family. Then one day we come back home and find that the bond is missing. There is awkwardness in conversations and we don’t make decisions together anymore like we used to. Which is why it is important to keep that connection alive.

The only way to feed the family connection is to make time for one another. No matter where we are, it is important to get together, have fun, and function as a team. Like the Raghavans!

One of our favourite actors from Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, Sumeet Raghavan, his wife Chinmayee Sumeet, and kids Deeya and Neerad set major family goals as they made their way out of a challenging escape room. They are everything that a healthy family looks like. They resolve issues by making decisions together and enjoy themselves while doing it! Watch how they escape this locked room by solving difficult clues together. All thanks to their team spirit!

So, do you spend enough time with your family? Take this quiz to find out!





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