Quarantined Spaniards Cheer For Hard-working Medical Staff From Their Balconies, Watch Videos

To tackle the spread of COVID-19, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez declared a state of emergency in Spain and put the entire country under lockdown. Citizens have been asked to remain at home except for emergencies (buying food, medicines, etc) and all schools, universities, cinemas, bars, and restaurants have been closed, reports NY Post.

Shortly after the announcement, a social media campaign urged people to join together in solidarity at 10 pm and applaud the hard work of healthcare professionals, reports The Guardian. Many Spaniards came out to their windows and balconies and cheered for doctors, nurses and hospital staff.

According to The Independent, people from Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and Pamplona raised slogans of “viva los medicos” (long live doctors), “aplauso sanitario” (I applaud the health services) and “quedate en casa” (stay at home).

Here are some more videos:

This video shows the healthcare staff clapping in response to the heartwarming gesture.

Spain has confirmed 7,753 infections and 288 deaths due to the novel coronavirus, reports BBC. Italy, which reported 3,590 new cases and 368 deaths in a span of 24 hours yesterday, is also under lockdown. Italians also came together to lift each others’ spirits and sing songs from their balconies during the quarantine.

Thank you for showing us that even in times of crisis, humanity always wins!

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