Watch The Epic Moment When Soviet Used Veto In UN To Support India In 1971 Indo-Pak War

This video uploaded by GURUdev was shot when The Soviet Union used its veto in the Security Council for the third time in nine days to block a U.S. resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire and troop pull-back in the India-Pakistan conflict.

Now, this might confuse you a bit but here are few points which will explain you why this was an important moment which established the alliance and friendship between Russia and India.

1. Conflict between East and West Pakistan

– Before 1971, Bangladesh used to be a part of Pakistan as East Pakistan. East Pakistan always complained that they received less development funds and less attention from the West Pakistan (Punjabi) dominating government.

– In an election conducted in Pakistan just some months before the war, the victory was gained by the East Pakistani leader and still he was not given the power, thus fuelling the revolt in East Pakistan.

– Pakistani army started its operation in East Pakistan to contain the revolt by mass killing of public and mass rape of women.


2. India’s involvement

– On 3 December 1971, Pakistan attacked 11 Indian airbases which made India enter into the war of independence on the side of Bangladeshi nationalist forces.


3. India’s friendship with Soviet Union

РIndira Gandhi could not gain the support and sympathy of America for the Bengalis who were being tortured in East Pakistan.

– Thus, she signed a treaty of peace, friendship and cooperation with Soviet Union.


4. USA’s Involvement

– USA supplied lot of war equipment to Pakistan to be used against India in the war.

– Pakistan belonged to American led military Pact, CENTO (Central Treaty Organization) and SEATO (Southeast Asia Treaty Organization).

– US believed any victory of India will be considered as the expansion of Soviet influence in the parts gained by India, as it was believed to be a pro Soviet nation.


5. Why did USA demand ceasefire in India-Pakistan conflict?

– The involvement of Soviet Union would have causes a lot of destruction to American equipment given to Pakistan.

– Thus, US ambassador in the United Nations, George H W Bush, introduced a resolution in the UN Security Council, which called for a cease-fire and the withdrawal of armed forces by India and Pakistan.


6. Why did Russia veto?

– Believing India can win the war and Indira Gandhi being determined to protect the interest of Bangladeshis, Soviet Union vetoed out the resolution, thus letting India fight for the cause.

Russia stood by us when no one did. This moment of support and friendship is a landmark and we will never forget it. ūüôā

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