South Sudan Diplomat Pees During Live Panel Discussion As Viewers Watch In Shock


Working from home might seem like a walk in the park, but TBH, it’s not how it seems. The constant distraction caused by your attention-hungry pets or an uninvited guest can be quite frustrating. And one mistake made during a live session can make you the talk of the town, at least that’s what happened in this case.

A South Sudan diplomat in the United States made headline when he was caught urinating during a Facebook live session. According to Voice Of America, the panellists were discussing the appointment of a Governor for Upper Nile state when Ambassador Gordon Buay ‘exposed’ himself to them while on a video call.

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Buay probably couldn’t control his nature’s call hence, he went to the loo while the virtual meeting was going on. That’s when he was seen relieving himself wearing only a shirt. While some of the people online were in a state of shock, others just laughed it out.


The video of his embarrassing act went viral on social media. However, it was quickly taken down. The Ambassador later took to social media and denied the video that showed him urinating.

Political analyst James Okuk of the Center for Strategic Studies in Juba said that his act has tainted the image of South Sudan. “Such kind of behaviour in line with diplomatic ethics has not happened anywhere in the history of international relations. So it is really shameful and is tainting the image of South Sudan and it should not be taken lightly in Juba,” he said.

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He further added that something must be done about it. “Pretending to defend the government while naked and also trying to talk in a chaotic manner when he is drunk and then going to the toilet to pee without switching off the camera of the phone and coming back to defend saying there was nothing wrong.  Something just really must be done.”


Here’s how people reacted to it:

Well, now you know that working in the comfort of your house can be dangerous too.

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