Twitter User Shares Funny Origin Stories Of Famous Dishes From South Indian Cuisine

South Indian cuisine is probably the one thing that could bring me back from the dead (if and when I ever die i.e.). The crispy dosas, spicy chutneys, soft as a cloud idlis, mouthwatering appams where you get the best of both worlds… Oh, the list can go on and on and on… They are also widely known to be extremely healthy. Basically, you could say they are the ‘sanskari’ elements in our Indian cuisine.

However, as it turns out, they might actually have a not-so-sanskari origin story.

Twitter user Peeleraja made hilarious revelations about the South Indian cuisine in a series of expose-style tweets. He began with the dosa.

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Turns out, the dosa is the product of a bunch of brahmin temple cooks looking for a high:

Would you look at that! Not so sanskari after all.

He also revealed the reason behind why the dosa tavas are never washed:

Science yo!

And dosa’s partner-in-crime chutney also has a little secret behind its name:

Guess how the idli came into existence?

Oh, you poor fluffy delicious goodness!

And as we all know, dosa is often accompanied by the sambar which is widely believed to be a South Indian speciality.

However, it might be time to pop that bubble:

Ahem ahem!

The dosa and idli then travelled to Kerala and Tamil Nadu, where they took on a new avatar:

So technically speaking, the dosa, idli and appam are all cousins. The mouthwatering offsprings of a bunch of brahmin cooks desperate for a kick. Kind of makes me appreciate them more, you know?