Kolkata Builds A Durga Puja Pandal With Lord’s Balcony So We Can See Dada In Action Again

No die-hard cricket fan can forget that iconic moment when former Indian men’s cricket team captain Sourav Ganguly took off his t-shirt and waved from Lord’s balcony after the 2002 NatWest final against England.

To commemorate and relive that unforgettable memory, some guys in Kolkata built a Durga Puja pandal around this moment.

The Mitali Sangha community Durga Puja pandal tried to recreate Lord’s Pavillion and also had that balcony built where Ganguly took off his shirt in 2002, reported Times Of India.

And obviously, they invited dada to inaugurate the pandal, from the balcony.

People were delighted to see the iconic moment come back to life as Dada waved the Indian flag from the balcony of the pandal.

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What an exemplary way to pay tribute to the iconic moment. Hats off!

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