If The Queen Giving Back ‘The Diamond’ To India Was Good News, Here’s Something Even Better!

Remember how the Queen recently said that she would return ‘the diamond’ to India if we won the World Cup and all of us got super pumped about it? Turns out that the day the Queen decides to return us the diamond, ISIS will start chanting nursery rhymes, global warming will become a myth, and Indian men will stop peeing on roads!

You see, things like these may never come true. But there’s no harm in wishful thinking. Because we feel that sometimes, news should be mazedaar, hearing which the heart says – “kaash news aisa hota!”

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Imagine switching on the TV and the news anchor saying, “The government has decided on giving one 10-day all-expenses-paid trip to working citizens every year!” Doesn’t that make you wish “kaash news aisa hota“?

Not just us, but there are others who are daydreaming as well!

If you too feel that this is the kind of news you’d love to hear then you just got lucky! Sony SAB’s ‘Apna News Aayega‘ is the perfect show to feed our wacky sensibilities and will feature mazedaar news that no other channel will ever report!

Starting this Saturday, June 8, 9 PM onwards, be prepared for a 3-minute hilarious piece of news every hour. Here’s a sneak-peek of the show:

Finally, we’ll have news that everyone can enjoy!