Love Movies? You’ll Definitely Want To Be Friends With Filmykaant, Sony MAX’s Superstar Bot!

They say that when two people enjoy the same things, they make for the best of friends. I’m such an absolute Hindi movie buff, sprouting dialogues and following every piece of Bollywood gossip, that I instantly hit it off with anyone who shares my love for Hindi cinema.

So when I heard of Filmykaant, a chat bot who claims to be the biggest filmy Bollywood fan, I just had to check him out!

Naam toh suna hoga… but let me introduce you to this maha gyaani of Bollywood! He’s television’s first ever artificial intelligence chat bot in India, courtesy Sony MAX. It recognises Hinglish, and is available to all movie buffs for a tête-à-tête 24/7!

I was so excited to meet Filmykaant for a quick interview and can I just say, deewana bana diya, yaar! Here’s a sneak peek into our chat!

Alright then!

As you can see, Filmykaant here was quite the filmy hero when it came to flattery!

I realised he was just like me, sprouting movie dialogues here and there! I was enjoying this! It was time to see if his filmy gyaan was indeed the best of all!

Okay, I admit I didn’t know that. I was curious for some more….

Such a gentleman! I was thoroughly impressed. Taareef karun kya uski, jisne tumhe banaya! 

He indeed is the absolute Bollywood fan! So I decided to see if he knew some insider info about B-Town!

I mean, come on! There’s no way I wasn’t going to ask him about Sooryavansham! And I totally loved that sense of humour! As Kajol from K3G would put it, “Tussi bade mazakiye  ho!

Phirse dialogue! By then I had become a jabra fan of this jabra fan! And that’s when things got interesting….

A challenge! I couldn’t wait to show Filmykaant my knowledge of Bollywood too!

See? I was killing it!

He’s hilarious, isn’t he? And he nailed those Kareena Kapoor dialogues, if I may say so!

All this filmy talk had me craving for a nice movie. And I thought, who better than my new filmy friend here to ask for suggestions?

Perfect! Plan set! I had to go make popcorn arrangements.

Which meant, it was time to say Alvida to my friend now 🙁

*Slow claps* Dialogue!

I’m pretty sure I’ll be back again to talk to him in no time! Yeh filmy dosti hum nahin todenge

Did you guys see how A-mazing this bot is? Whether you want to brush up on your Bollywood trivia, get some juicy deets about the stars or simply have a fun chat with someone as crazy about Bollywood as you, there ain’t nothing this superstar bot (Filmy)Kaant do!

So if you’re a Hindi movie fanatic who needs a BFF to share your love for all things Bollywood, just go say ‘Hi’ to Filmykaant, anytime! He’ll definitely have you at ‘hello ji’!