Marvel Fans Try To #SaveSpiderMan After Sony Breaks The Deal With Disney


Avengers: Endgame left a lasting scar on the MCU fans as they witnessed the last of their beloved Tony Stark on the screen. But at least we had Spider-man, who would keep him alive in his memories on the screen – that is until Sony decided to pull the rights to the character from the MCU.

Yes, that’s right! It’s unlikely that Peter Parker will be slinging his web across the Marvel universe as Sony breaks their deal with Disney regarding the character.

The deal originally took off in 2015, when Sony allowed Marvel Studios to use Spider-man in MCU, which further allowed Tom Holland to join the Avengers in 2016 film Captain America: Civil War, something that the fans had been longing for years. Even after Disney’s acquisition of Marvel Studios, Spider-man continued to make his appearance in 4 more movies down the lane – two of which were his stand-alone blockbusters.

However, the deal was called off by Sony and the repercussions among the fans were soon to follow. Fans of the friendly neighborhood Spider-man were rattled by the news.

They soon reached out to Twitter after the fall of the deal and made #SaveSpiderMan trend.

Although the deal is broken off, a confirmation on the future of Spider-man in MCU’s upcoming movies is yet to be announced. We just hope that Spider-man could keep his hard-earned position as an Avenger!

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