Sonu Sood Steps Up Once Again, Helps Indian Students Stuck In Ukraine Come Back Home Safe

We all are aware of how Sonu Sood stepped up to help those in need during the onset of the coronavirus pandemic when the entire country was under a lockdown. He sent migrant workers back to their hometowns, arranged for jobs for the jobless, built schools, and what not.

And now, Sonu Sood is helping Indian students stuck in war-torn Ukraine to come back home. According to Mid-Day, Indian students stuck in various parts of Ukraine reached out to Sonu Sood on social media and pleaded with him for help. The Sonu Sood Foundation went on to get in touch with the Indian embassies in Romania and Poland.


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The foundation teamed up with Ukraine’s neighbouring countries and tried to figure out alternate routes to help the students reach a secure location along with the arrangement of transport for them. So far, Sonu Sood has helped over 300 students.

“They have teamed up with local Indian bodies in Poland and are sending taxis to take Indian students to the airport,” a source told the leading daily.

Sonu Sood revealed that after sending the taxis to the students, they were taken to the railway station in Kharkiv. From there, they travelled to a safer location in Lviv where buses were already arranged to ferry them to the Polish border.

A student posted a video on Twitter and said, “We were stuck in Kyiv and it was Sonu Sood sir and his team who helped us to get out. With their help, we are heading to Lviv which is a safer place and from there we will reach India.”

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Another student named Charu claimed, “I am leaving Kyiv. Sonu Sood sir helped us at the right time. In some time, we will reach Lviv and from there we will cross the Poland border by tonight. Thank you so much, they are giving us hope.”

Here’s a look at more videos shared by students:

Kudos to Sood for helping these students!

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