“Life Is A Full Circle,” Says Sonu Sood After His Train Pass From 1997 Surfaces Online

Actor Sonu Sood continues to be the epitome of inspiration during the migrant crisis by making available buses for them to get home. Apart from arranging adequate permissions, medical certificates, and food for the journey, he has also started a call center to manage the influx of messages he receives on a daily basis.

According to The Times of India, Twitter user Arvind Pandey shared an old photograph of the actor’s Mumbai local pass from 1997 reminding everyone of his struggling days. News18 quoted him saying, “Those who have struggled will understand the plight of others. Sonu used to travel using Rs 420 pass in local trains.”

The actor acknowledged the tweet by saying, “Life is a full circle”. Here is how people responded to the picture.

One of the many families Sonu Sood has helped during the lockdown also named their newborn after him. We’re really grateful for all the work he’s doing in these difficult times.

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