Sonu Sood Invites Medics Treating Covid-19 Patients To Stay In His Mumbai Hotel

PM Narendra Modi announced the lockdown and instructed people to stay at home to avoid the spread of coronavirus. However, the number of casualties is increasing with every passing day. Although the doctors are moving mountains to save every possible life, the disparity between the number of health care workers and the patients have left them overworked. In spite of working for more than 10-12 hours, they are still going above and beyond the call of duty.

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But, in spite of their sacrifice, a lack of awareness and rampant fear due to the pandemic has lead to cases where people in the medical profession have been attacked by the public.

Furthermore, many doctors and nurses have been facing discrimination by neighbors who are fearful of getting infected by the professionals who come in close contact with COVID-19 patients while treating them. In other cases, medics are choosing to stay away from their kids, spouses and even going the extent of living in their car for days on end to avoid infecting their families.

Hence, to provide them with a safe abode, Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has offered his hotel in Mumbai as a residential facility to healthcare workers treating COVID-19 patients, reports Hindustan Times.

Talking to The Times of India, Sonu said:

“It’s my honour to be able to do my bit for the doctors, nurses and para-medical staff of our country, who have been working day and night to save people’s lives.”

“They hail from different parts of Mumbai and need a place to rest. We have already approached municipal and private hospitals and informed them about the facility.”

Sonu took to social media and shared about the same:

Not just Sonu, earlier Shah Rukh Khan and wife Gauri had offered their 4-storey personal office space as a quarantine facility equipped with essentials for quarantined children, women and elderly.

Retweeting BMC’s tweet, the couple said that they were glad they got the opportunity to help.

Although the world is currently faced with a pandemic that has already taken thousands of lives, it is heartwarming to see people coming forward to help those in need.

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