Sonu Sood Celebrates Birthday By Gifting Free Gym Memberships To Those Who Cannot Afford Them!

Have you ever bought yourself a present, on your birthday or otherwise? It is a great feeling, right? But there’s something else that can give you greater joy and that’s doing a little something for others. For instance, a couple from Tamil Nadu spends their days providing meals at Re.1 to patients of an Erode hospital and their families because they cannot afford the expensive ones at the designated mess. Also, Ranveer Singh’s fans got together and installed 10 solar street lights in a village without electricity to commemorate their idol’s birthday.

Actor Sonu Sood of ‘Simmba’ fame also has some special plans for his 46th birthday (30 July). Being a fitness enthusiast himself, he wants to provide gym memberships to those who can’t afford it.

According to DNA India, the B-town star has been doing this the past five years. To promote the cause of health and fitness, he provides gym memberships to underprivileged people from Mumbai, Nagpur, Delhi and Punjab. Every year 80-100 of them join gyms free of cost thanks to him.

He says, “Lately, on my birthday every year, I try to gift a lot of gym memberships to people who can’t afford it. That word has spread, so people from different parts of the country approach me. I speak to the gym guys and get them memberships.”

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Revealing the reason behind his decision, the actor says,

“It makes me happy when they send me pictures of themselves getting fitter, and a lot of their health problems healed. These are the things that give me a high and feel that I’m doing something good. I think a lot of people should do this. There is nothing more valuable than health. So, that’s what you should give to your friends.”

What a wonderful thought, isn’t it? Time to move over cakes, champagne and chocolates and give people the gift of health.

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