Soni Razdan Reveals It Was Difficult For Her To Find Work After Alia’s Birth

Earlier in the Hindi film industry, it was believed that a female actor’s career is finished after she gets married and has kids. We see actors like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Rani Mukherjee, Preity Zinta, Kajol, etc. not appearing in as many films as they did back in the day. However, today this norm has changed. We have actors like Kareena, Deepika, Anushka and Priyanka who are at the top of their careers even after getting married.

Recently in an interview with Film Companion, Soni Razdan opened up about how it was difficult for her to find work after she had given birth to Alia Bhatt.


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She revealed how she asked a producer-friend to not tell her husband, Mahesh Bhatt, that she wanted to start working.

“I don’t know which child I’d had. I think it was after Alia was born, if I’m not mistaken. I wanted to start working again. I went to a producer friend and I said ‘this is what I want to do and don’t tell my husband that I want to start working’.”

She went on to add how her agent went from office to office searching for an acting assignment for her.

“So he was very sweet and he got me this elderly lady who was very respectable. She started to put my name out. She used to visit all these offices, that’s how it was done. The agent went from office to office and said Soni Razdan ‘kaam karna chahti hain’.


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Furthermore, Soni revealed how many were hesitant in offering her work because she was married.

“The response was, ‘Kyu?’ She’d tell them, ‘Because she is a good actress’. ‘Lekin woh abhi shaadi shuda haina?’ That was the answer she used to get. That was what I was up against. If I am sitting here today, I think that is a big achievement.”

You can check out the complete video here.

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How far women have come, how much further do they still have to go!

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