“I Dont Think Shah Rukh Wants To Work With Me,” Says Sonam Kapoor In Her Latest Interview

Sonam Kapoor

If there is one celebrity in Tinseltown who doesn’t mince her words, it’s Sonam Kapoor. Known for her blatant honesty, Sonam who is admonished as the most stylish icon of Bollywood, is also very vocal when it comes to her feelings.

In a recent revelation of an interview to a popular magazine, Sonam has gone out to say a few things that could raise eyebrows. She seems to think that Shah Rukh Khan doesn’t want to work with her.

“I don’t think Shah Rukh Khan wants to work with me. There have been so many opportunities where I could have worked with him.”

Sonam Kapoor
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“but he…I wanted to work with him and I reached out to him as well. But I never got the opportunity. I guess it’ll happen whenever he feels like working with me.”

With the body of work Sonam has, we are not really sure what could be stopping the duo to get together and work.


Sonam also shares her disappointment over the bad blood of male domination that flows in the film fraternity. She confessed, that an actress is signed not because of the demand of the script but on the insistence of the lead actor.

Sonam Kapoor
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“What happens in the film industry is that an actor decides whether an actress should do a film with him or not.

When he wants to work with me, I guess I’ll work with him. But I don’t think he’s wanted to work with me till now.”

Wonder what SRK has to say about this?

News Source: Pinkvilla

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