Sonakshi Sinha Is ‘Ashamed’ Of Jasleen Kaur And As A Woman I Totally Agree With Her

After a volley of arguments and a number of discussions, people were finally led to believe that Jasleen Kaur was just playing the victim card and Sarvjeet Singh was the real victim in the case.

Sonakshi Sinha had earlier tweeted in support of Jasleen Kaur and stated this:

“Well done Jasleen! Hope this serves as a warning to all the creeps and encouragement to every girl to take action!”

Jasleen Kaur, a girl from Delhi was recently in the news when she socially shamed another Delhite, Sarvjeet Singh and accused him of ‘passing lewd comments’ and ‘threatening’ her. The news got so much hype that it even led to Sarvjeet Singh’s arrest, albeit he got bail only after a day. And only after an eyewitnesses‘ account, was the actual story (alleged) uncovered.


Sonakshi Sinha tweeted about Jasleen Kaur, and apparently she’s ashamed of her:

She later also tweeted this and clearly won hearts:

Well, Sonakshi Sinha has a point and as a woman I totally support her (not because I am a Sinha myself). Fake dowry cases, fake rape cases, fake molestation cases, pulling men down to rise up and add to that some social shaming, and we have the perfect recipe for ‘women standing up to their rights’.

Women, please don’t cry wolf, unless you want people to stop believing in us completely.