Sona Mohapatra Asks An Important Question After Kailash Kher Responds To #MeToo Allegations

It seems sexual harassment and unwanted advances aren’t the end of the torment for victims. After stepping up to name the offender, they must go through further trials to legitimize accusations. Whether or not the victim chooses to take legal action may be their own business; but Sona Mohapatra’s decision not to file a legal complaint against Kailash Kher has been under scrutiny.

Months after Sona’s #MeToo allegation against Kher, the latter chose to respond. Kher insisted that taking legal recourse was the only way to go. Yet Mohapatra believes otherwise.

The talented singer chose to explain her stance by tweeting that the cops would be far too burdened if every woman who was harassed chose to step up and take legal action. Furthermore, she hopes minors and Kher’s other victims can muster up the courage to speak out.

See for yourself-

After her thought-provoking statement, Mohapatra posed a compelling question-

“Dear India you decide. After close to 9 women speak up publicly about similar perverted behaviour & many more, some minors, share worse horror stories anonymously for fear of shame in society, trouble with parents; Kailash Kher carries on like nothing has happened. Good?Bad?Ugly?” she tweeted.

Her tweet garnered swift responses from Twitterati-

Some opined that Kher must be boycotted and raised concerns about rampant sexism in B-town.

Others wrote that Mohapatra and the other victims shouldn’t expect any better from the likes of Kher after his alleged harassment.

We do believe she has a point. Does her argument resonate with you, dear India? Tell us in the comments!