Sona Mohapatra Got Thrashed By Bhai Fans After Tweeting About His ‘Raped Woman’ Comment

Salman Khan has landed himself into yet another controversy with his comments about his experience during the shooting of Sultan. Social media, and especially Twitter, has erupted into furore against this insensitive comment by ‘Bhai.’

But every controversy also rakes up a war between two factions, and in this case: Salman Khan’s fans and those who are against his comments. And for someone who is outspoken and unapologetic, Sona Mohapatra received a lot of hate on Twitter.

Sona tweeted a picture of Hrishikesh Kannan who said that the allegations against Salman were unfair and that he was misquoted.

Sona was of the opinion that inspite of Salman being guilty of so many offences, people still look up to him and say that the controversy against him is unfair.


Relentless Salman fans weren’t going to stay quiet. They went on the offensive and hateful, abusive tweets started pouring in, in reply to Sona’s tweet. A word of note here: Many of them didn’t even know about her.

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Sona called out to a few sick minds who bashed her without any filter or any kind of knowledge about what happened.


She continued to receive hate, but Sona is Sona. She is unfazed by all the negative comments, and she put that into a beautiful mic-drop moment tweet.

Never change, Sona!

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