Son Reunites With Mom In Chennai 41 Years After He Was Adopted Against Her Will & Taken To Denmark


Stories of a reunion are always very emotional and touching. It’s a rush of happiness, memories and feelings altogether. One such story of the reunion of a son and mother has recently come to light in Chennai that will melt your heart.

At the age of 2, David, the younger son of Dhanalakshmi was given up for adoption by a charitable home in Chennai along with his elder brother. A Danish couple adopted David and everything happened without his mother’s knowledge, reports The Hindu.

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In February 2013, David came across some documents through which he came to know about his brother who was adopted by another family in Denmark. He wanted to track down and meet his biological mother back in Chennai. But all he had was an old picture of her with both her sons and the name of the house they lived in.

But David did not lose hope, traced his brother and began his search for his mother. He had put posters all around the city with the hope of finding his mother somehow. His story soon caught media attention and he was called for a special program by a channel.

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Luckily, some relatives of Dhanalaxmi saw the TV program and contacted her to inform her about David. The mother spoke to her son who was given for adoption 41 years ago on a video call last month. They met each other on Saturday, 23rd November, six years after David began his search for his mother.

Expressing his happiness, David told The Hindu,

“When I met her on Saturday, she hugged me. My joy knew no bounds. The only problem was the language barrier. I wanted her to know about every stage of my life.”

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“I instantly felt at home when I landed in Chennai,” he told TOI. David thanked his friends, lawyers and especially activist Anjali Pawar and Arun Dohle who helped him reunite with his birth mom. A DNA test is, however, being done to confirm the mother-son’s relationship.

David and Dhanalaxmi’s story has truly touched our hearts. What about you?

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