This Post By A Son For His Ageing Father Is A Fitting Tribute To Parents And Their Sacrifices

There is nothing on the face of the earth that compares to parents and their unstinted sacrifices for us. And it is their selfless deeds that make us the man/woman, we are today. But in the present date and time, do we do enough? Or have we forgotten to tell them, how important they are, to us and our existence? I thought so.

While I feel guilty of not saying it enough, unfortunately, there are people who leave their parents at the disposal of old age homes, in the fear that old parents wouldn’t fit in their ultra-lavish lifestyles. I have seen it, you have seen it. But what I’m about to tell, will be a first!

Meet Devis Devassy Chiramel, from Kerala, who not only changed his life habits to accommodate his ageing father’s but perceptions, about humanity leaving our midst. In a Facebook post (originally in Malayalam), that has now gone viral, read Devis’s story of humility and gratefulness. 

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I love my dad barefooted

For a long time, I have been inviting my dad to Bahrain, where I work. Dad always cheerfully refused. In the meantime, my mom visited Bahrain three times. It was only last December that I discovered the reason for dad’s reluctance. Ours is a typical rural agricultural family. Dad’s never worn footwear. Neither does he wear trousers. He didn’t want to embarrass me before my friends and others by turning up in a mundu (the traditional south Indian white loincloth) and shirt and hence avoided visiting me.

Today we are leaving for Bahrain. Till dad returns from the Arab’s land, I, too, shall wear only a mundu and shall give up footwear. I am what I am today due to the wages of the blood of my father’s naked feet that trod the stones and thorns along hills, mountains, farmlands, and groves. I do not agree with decking up the parents to satisfy the children’s vanity.

Walking around without slippers is slightly painful. But that pain is joyful when one thinks of the difficulties our parents experienced for our sake. I realised my parents’ pain only when I myself became a father. Let us hand them flowers when they are alive instead of placing flowers on their graves. I completely believe that it is every child’s duty and responsibility to respect and care for one’s parents in their old age.

Thank you, god.


Only if, children didn’t think old parents to be just another burden. Only if, there was a way to repay parents for their invaluable guidance. Only if, we had more sons like Davis.

Translation credits: The Quartz

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