‘Exhausted Financial Reserves’ Son Comes Up With A Hilarious Way To Ask His Dad For Money

Indian kids are the financial ninjas of the household, especially those who are in college and need money to chill with their friends. They casually slide into their parents’ DMs, armed with puppy-eye GIFs, and drop a “need some cash” bomb on them which they can’t refuse. It is a very delicate conversation between the broke and the bespoke where parents become ATM machines and the PIN is a sensitively crafted message.

Like this little guy who asked his father, Dr Manish Kumar, for money using a very well-crafted message on WhatsApp. Dr Kumar shared a screenshot of the message on X (formerly Twitter) and wrote, “My son has a sense of humour.”

Have a look at the son’s message, which is very formal and is giving ‘corporate office vibes’, here:

When his father asked him what he was up to, the son cutely said that he thought of writing a nice message to ask for money.

Here’s a look at his tweet:

People online shared similar stories of others they knew who slyly asked their parents for money. Some even lauded the guy for his creativity. Here’s a look at a couple of responses:

What’s the most creative way you have asked your parents for money? Share with us!

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