Soha Ali Khan Got Slammed By Trolls For Visiting ‘Hindu Gods’ But The Actor Shut Them Up!


Something that was conceptualised to bring people together in a societal bond, to keep lives peaceful has now become a tool for anyone and everyone to turn against each other.

Soha Ali Khan, the daughter of cricketing legend Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi and actress Sharmila Tagore, was thrashed on social media with some vicious comments because she visited a Ganpati pandal.


Here are a few examples of hate she faced because despite being a Muslim, she was at a Hindu gathering.










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However, this isn’t the first she had to go through something like this. She faced similar treatment on social media when she visited Golden Temple as well.



Although there are hundreds more these hate comments on her posts, the lady remains unfazed.

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“My religion is my business alone. Whether I choose to do namaz or go to a church, how does it affect anyone? People shouldn’t bother about what’s not their business.”


There is no reason for anyone to question what she does, especially when it comes to religion and beliefs. The biggest religion that should be, is humanity.

“I am all for freedom of expression, but being told how going to a temple makes me a non-Muslim is plain callous. No one has the right to say that. I am not a commodity and so, a particular community cannot own me. Our social fabric is so rich because we are diverse. Respect each other’s choices.”

Soha, you stay as you are. 🙂

Source : The MidDay

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