Twitter Discusses Society’s Failure To Accept Helpers, Who Make Our Lives Easy, With Respect

Most of us have or have seen our mothers keep separate tea cups or utensils for our house helps. While they wash all the utensils we use, they are instructed to use the ones designated to them.

This classist attitude towards the people who help us with our chores has been seen for ages in Indian households. They are so ingrained into everyone’s minds that even the helps think them using our things like how a normal human being would, can offend us.

Talking along these lines, Twitter user Unmana shared how we as a society have failed to give respect to our house helps, carpenters, auto wallas, delivery guys, and other domestic workers without whom our lives would be a mess.

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In an eye-opening Twitter thread, the woman shared an incident that would make us rethink the people we’re becoming.

She shared that when a furniture repair guy visited her, she offered him a glass of water. After uncomfortably drinking from the glass, the man eventually asked her if she was okay with him touching the brim of the glass while drinking the water.

“Then he asked moonh laga sakte hai? We’re a horrible cruel society.”

When she offered him a bottle filled with water to carry along, the guy gave her his own bottle to refill. His dry bottle made her think how long he must have waited for people to offer him something as basic as water.

She added that while she would have offered an entire water bottle to her friend, she gave the man a glass of water which even though can be cleaned isn’t supposed to be used by people who apparently don’t belong to our societal status.

The introvert in her wondered how many times she hadn’t offered water to people who were thirsty and don’t dare to ask for it.

Her Twitter thread did make a lot of people question this practice, making them guilty of being so mean and cruel to others.

Some also shared how they do not indulge in such unfair practices making others love them even more.

There were also others who pointed out that drinking water by not sipping the glass is a common practice in many households.

IMO, it’s not about how people are comfortable using the glass. But the fact that we look down upon people who don’t belong to the same economic and social background as ours makes me think of the world we’re living in.

Well, summers are here and there are many who will be in the streets all day long, delivering parcels, bringing in food, and coming in for our help. The least you can do is provide them with some water. The weather is going to be harsh on them, you can be a little sensitive.

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