‘Social Distanced Haldi Ceremony’ Video Shows Bride’s Family Apply Turmeric Using Paint Rollers


Big fat Indian weddings have certainly faced a hurdle owing to the novel coronavirus, but Desi families are finding ways on how to conduct and celebrate their events nevertheless. For instance, this video of wedding waiters in Andhra Pradesh who donned PPE kits while serving their guests, or Surat jewelers who sold diamond masks for weddings.

A Twitter user shared a hilarious video of a Desi bride’s family and friends performing a “social distancing Haldi ceremony” with full jugaad. Check it out:

In the 13-second clip, we see the guests giggling with paint rollers in their hands who are dipping it inside a medium-sized foil container filled with turmeric. They then proceed to apply, or rather paint the yellow paste on the bride-to-be from afar, in order to follow social distancing norms while upholding the ritual’s traditions.

For the uninitiated, a Haldi ceremony is an Indian pre-wedding event that involves the ritual bath of applying a mixture of turmeric paste, water, and oil on the bride and groom to bless them for a long, happy journey ahead.

While 2020 has been disappointing for people who were set to get married, such hilarious pandemic scenes show that creativity ki dukaan hai hum!

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