Social Media Strategist Meets Guy On Bumble Who Thinks It’s Unhealthy, Twitter Reacts

Some might think that dating and matrimonial apps have made finding a partner and spouse as easy as clicking a couple of buttons. But, it’s not as easy as it seems because most of them are here to either look for a job or an apartment to rent.

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But, this woman got lucky and started chatting with a person on Bumble who was also trying his luck in love. However, this woman, who is a social media strategist by profession, things started bumpy.

While casually chatting, the woman asked the guy on the other side if he was on social media. And to everyone’s surprise, he wasn’t on any. In fact, he thinks that it’s not very healthy.

He told this to a Social Media Strategist. Baat samajh rahey ho?

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Well, the woman politely told him about her profession and how that unhealthy thing is her rozi-roti. Sharing a screengrab of this interesting conversation, Twitter user Mumtaz wrote:

People online had a good laugh on reading this awkward conversation between them. This is how they reacted:

Some also sided with the guy saying that social media is definitely a toxic place to be.

Someone not being on any social media platforms, not even LinkedIn, in the current times does sound weird. This is why many told her that it could be a red flag. What do you think?

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