The Social Experiment That Proves India Has A Bright Future

There’s a certain sweet aroma in the way we Indians, live in harmony despite being so different from each other. This diversity is something we’ve all taken pride in ever since we’ve been old enough to understand what secularism means. Speaking of diversity, one brand that has always focused on celebrating people transcending their differences is United Colors Of Benetton.

Their campaigns focus on bringing people together and urging us to change the way we look at things, so as to change the way things are. Like their most recent one, which makes us think about what unique flavour we add to India’s blend.

As a part of a social experiment, a group of Indians belonging to different walks of life were asked this question.

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They all brought one item that symbolised their uniqueness. For one, it was her sindoor

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…While for another, it was his kada.

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So on and so forth.

They were each then asked to place the item that makes them unique, in a box together. In went the taveez, the gajra, the prayer beads. All of it. This box was to be given to a special group of people. A bunch of adorable as cheesecake kids.

Want to know what they do with it? Have a dekko:

This social experiment conducted by Benetton gives us hope for tomorrow. These children are proof, that together, we are looking at a united future. One #UnitedByHope. One where our uniqueness and diversity thrive together in that sweet spot of harmony. Forming a melody that the rest of the world watches in envy.

Here’s to a united tomorrow.