Masked Couple Salsa Dances Together Using Ropes For Social Distancing, Watch Video


‘Social distancing’ is a word that made it to the vocabulary of most of us in 2020 and I think, it’s here to stay. One cannot stress enough on the importance of maintaining a safe distance from each other in order to contain coronavirus from spreading. While there are many who have been defying this norm, there are some (including animals) who came up with unique ways to practice it in their life.

And after inventing a social distancing bar, a couple was recently seen performing social distancing salsa, reports Hindustan Times.

In a video shared online by journalist Bianca Padró Ocasio, a man and a woman can be seen exhibiting their amazing skills on a sidewalk.


The dancing duo can be seen maintaining a safe distance from each other with the help of a rope held in each hand. They are also seen wearing masks.

People online loved their well-synchronized dance moves. Here’s how they reacted:


Isn’t this video cheerful enough to drive away your mid-week blues? Well, it surely is for me.

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