UK Neighbours Create ‘Social Distancing Bar’ To Share Drinks During Lockdown; Watch Video

While some of us have never spoken to our next-door neighbors, there are others who are BFFs with the people living next door. Remember the guy who sent whiskey to his neighbors through a drone? Well, having friendly neighbors sure seems like a blessing during the pandemic.

Speaking of which, two neighbors in Durham, UK, came up with a genius idea to bond while observing social distancing. Paul Hurton and Anthony Dunn, who have lived next door for about 20-years, missed hanging out together ever since the lockdown began, reports The Northern Echo. So, they set up a ‘fence bar’ in their back garden to catch up.

Have a look at the entire video: 

They turned their 6ft tall fence panel into a horizontal table to enjoy a drink together while observing social distancing. Paul was quoted saying, “Since the lockdown, we still go out and sit in our gardens having a drink. Last weekend we both sat out there but obviously, we couldn’t see each other and we couldn’t really talk.”

The neighbors then created the ‘social distancing bar’ to enjoy a drink together from a safe distance.

“We’d seen something on Youtube where someone had done the table in Australia but they only used half their fence attached  to chains, but obviously we wanted to make sure we were further away from each other.”

While their DIY bar was admired by some people, others were concerned whether it was safe to exchange glasses and food during these troubled times.

Many people loved their ‘fence bar’:

Others felt that their bar set-up defeated the purpose of social distancing: 

Well, I sure miss my neighbors. But safety always comes first. What do you think? Tell us.