Do You Know How Soan Papdi Is Made? I Didn’t And This Video Left Me Totally Stunned

What is that one sweet that you get to eat every year on Diwali without fail?

Soan Papdi!

It is like the must have gift box desert. You like the texture of it in your mouth and the moment it melts, it can give a sugar rush to anyone.

Sweets like laddoo and jalebi were made at home, but my mom never made Soan Papdi at home. Whenever I asked her why she always bought it, she replied that it is a tedious process and can’t be made easily at home.

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After seeing this video by¬†Awesome World‚ĄĘ, one of the biggest mysteries has been solved for me. I never knew how they were made until now, and now that I know, I am astonished as hell.

Check it out!

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