Twitter Floods With Mesmerising Pics Of Snow Covered Srinagar & It’s A Sight To Behold

In a perfect world free from coronavirus, we all would have been now strolling the streets of chilly hill stations and enjoying the fresh snowfall while relishing pahado wali maggi.

But, since we are all stuck at home popping Dolo 650 like candy and sipping on hot kadha, allow us to virtually take you on a tour to the heaven on Earth that is Srinagar.

Representative Image

The city is currently at its romantic best with crispy white snow enveloping the majority of it. Taking to social media, Minister for Railways, Ashwini Vaishnaw, shared images of snow-covered Srinagar railway station and it’s a sight to behold.

Beautiful is an understatement.

So pure.

Nature at its best.

Following suit, people online also shared glimpses of the beautiful city captured by their lenses.

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Instagram also had wonderful images of Jammu and Kashmir.


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These pictures just made me fall in love with the city. It’s definitely on my travel bucket list. #GoCoronaGo 😭

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