Diplomat Sneha Dubey Graciously Kicks Out Reporter Who Forcefully Entered Her Office, Watch

Diplomat Sneha Dubey, who recently represented India as the First Secretary in the UN, has been the talk of the town ever since she delivered a fiery speech against Pakistan PM Imran Khan as a response to his false allegations against our country.

After a video of her speech went viral, Aaj Tak’s journalist Anjana Om Kashyap arrived at her office for an interview without her permission. However, Sneha very politely showed her the door twice, refusing to give a statement to the press.

“I know you don’t want to talk on record but if you can talk…because the whole country wants to hear you speak. What you did today at the UN might be a routine work for you but it’s a huge thing for the country,” said the journalist.

To this, Sneha replied, “I already said what I had to say…please,” and gestured Anjana to leave her office.

Here’s a video of the incident:

People online have been slamming the journalist for being disrespectful towards Sneha Dubey’s personal space. Many called her “intrusive” and demanded that she follow protocols. Have a look at some of the reactions here:

Some also shared hilarious memes!

What are your views on this incident? Tell us.

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