Snapdeal Proposed To Freecharge On Twitter In The Most Romantic Way Possible

Love is in the air for Snapdeal and Freecharge today.

The two websites have now merged into one, becoming India’s largest mobile commerce company. But that’s not where it ends. To break this huge piece of news to the media, both companies went on to Twitter, and announced it in the best way possible- Snapdeal asked Freecharge to marry it.

1. It started out with a small whisper in Freecharge’s ear.


2. Freecharge responded just as expected.


3. And then, Snapdeal asked the most important, life-changing question of all.


4. To which Freecharge paused, and finally replied:


5. Delighted, Snapdeal concluded with something cheesy.

And then, they lived happily ever after. <3

Because when you get together, why shy away from the world?

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