Woman Buys Maid A Smartphone, Discovers She’s Working Towards Being An Internet Star

Earlier this year, a man in Bengaluru helped set up a home-cooked food delivery business for his house help so that she could earn some extra money during the pandemic. Now, Mehak Chawla has shared how her maid utilized the money she gave her to buy a smartphone 4 years ago in the best possible manner.

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Turns out, the maid has been watching YouTube videos on creating content online and making Snapchat videos of herself singing, dancing and doing voiceovers. She has also been shooting them during the golden hour with the help of her husband and posting them under an assumed name. Her ultimate goal is to make money off the internet and help her community navigate it. How cool is that?

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People are saying that this is just one example of the opportunities that the digital revolution is giving talented individuals.

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Kudos, Mehak, for opening this door for the hardworking lady and helping her discover a secondary source of income.

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