Pet Owners Rejoice! This Company Makes ‘Slippers’ That Are Exact Replicas Of Your Cats & Dogs

Pet owners are often referred to as parents of their furry babies. Cat moms, puppy mothers, dog dads and more. We feed them, brush them, play with them and of course cuddle with them. We have names for them but almost always use endearments like cutie and nugget. Sometimes, we do fun stuff for the gram like recreating The Lion King’s coronation scene with our cats and dogs. But did you know, you can get slippers made to look exactly like them too?

Tell me more. How does it work?

Cuddle Clones is a US based company. One of their popular products is Plush Slippers that are made to look exactly like people’s pets. All a pet owner has to do is upload a picture of their cat or dog. Then specify their personal traits like spots or birthmarks and choose how the final product will look, out of the 3 position options. The only catch is that they are expensive. The price is $199 (~approx INR 14,000) and they take 8 weeks for delivery.

Here are some adorable pictures that will melt your heart

  1. Balls of fluff

2. Cuteness alert

3. Can I take you home with me?

4. They’re super comfy too

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Afternoon guys! A couple months ago I came across a Youtube ad that immediately called my name. An ad that called to all obsessive dog lovers, aka ME! @cuddleclones has made me the greatest gift! JB slippers! Not only are they the cutest but they are so comfortable. Thank you Cuddle Clones! 🐶🧦💗 • • • • • • • • • • #lifestyleblogger #lifestyle #bloggerstyle #personalblog #motivation #inspiration #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthsupport #mentalhealthmatters #depression #suicide #anxiety #support #empoweringwomen #animaltherapy #therapydog #fourleggedfriend #cuddlebuddy #stuffedanimals #dogsofinstagram #puppiesofinstagram #furbaby #cuddleclones #slippers #ootd #blackgirlswhoblog #blackbloggers #melanin #positivevibes #goodvibes

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5. Kyle the cat isn’t pleased with his doppelgangers

6. Have more than one pet? Then opt for mismatch slippers

7. Adorable!

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8. Love. Love. Love

Apart from plush slippers, the company also makes soft toys or ‘clones’ of pets in the same manner. I’m going to go place my order now. #KThanksBye

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